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Barbara M. Fuentes

Photography • Video • Social Media

creative Industry Professional

Barbara M. Fuentes has known she wanted to enlighten people through art since she was a little girl, always striving to open the minds and hearts of others and give them new insight. She received formal training at a prestigious college, specializing in documentary photography. Her art is driven by her desire to capture and share the truth as she sees it. Always the designated photographer during family trips, Barbara's childhood memories planted the seed for a career in the arts. Since then, she's enjoyed photographing and sharing the world around her. Barbara appreciates the challenges in different forms of the creative field: revealing someone's personality through image, capturing the energy of a moment, or immersing the viewer in a culture. A true Renaissance woman, Barbara enjoys motorcycles, metal work, pin-ups, burlesque, and baking.


Utah Government / Amazon / Shutterstock / Arthrex 


SCA Getty Academy Competition / Various / 2015

Cintas Fellowship Grant Exhibition / Miami / 2008

Ringling College of Art / Sarasota / 2004, 2005, 2006

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